In the pursuit for an authentic and reliable higher Music education, and realizing the fact that such an institution, was yet to be found in Kerala; the thought of Jam Music Conservatory was conceived. From the past experiences and the outcomes gained through our various centers across South India; was the key in venturing into this Conservatory.

Jam Music Education from its inception days, have made invaluable contributions and maintained an excellent track record by contributing distinguished musicians who; as performers, researchers and academicians today are outstanding in their respective fields.
Even though, we were able to make such remarkable contributions, the musical scenario in Kerala; is yet to be full-fledged. As a result, students are forced to look abroad, for their higher educational needs.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Jam Music Conservatory, is determined to provide, customized training suited for students of different caliber and cadre, value added education without losing its sheen, and a platform to exhibit their own talents through a music driven ambience.

Jam Music Conservatory, have included both contemporary & conventional study programs including electives to deliver a well-balanced output from each individual. We have also incorporated Audio Engineering as a subject which will be guided by our Chief Engineer. We are associated with Engine Room Audio, New York for our students to complete their internships.

Our students who opt for intensive music programs are provided with specialized academic training: lessons, master classes and opportunities to perform; aimed at realizing their goals. Focusing on our students, presentations including clinics, demonstrations & workshops throughout the year is conducted by the experts as part of our programs, thereby they are benefitted with excellent exposures. Students are introduced to and familiarized with how a real time studio performance is conducted. Classes conducted resemble the appearance of a live studio; which in turn, makes a great impact, on how to approach music seriously.

The Conservatory is in association with EMJ foundation as part of providing scholarships for talented and deserving candidates.

Reiterating the idea, that an institution should be socially involved with the environment around itself; Students and staff members are encouraged to make their own contribution to a sustainable environment. They are encouraged to understand the aspirations of the society around them and there by volunteering to evolve measures to support mother nature. Our students have volunteered themselves for maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings and have taken part in planting tree saplings.

We are dedicated to minimize our direct and indirect operational impact on the environment.

In brief, our motto is to uplift a new generation brought up with high moral standards, to respect and follow the patterns set forth by the elders, to have a concern for our rich tradition and culture, and also to make their own contributions through respective career.