JMC offers a highly comprehensive guitar education. We provide individualized instruction for various subjects like electric, classical and acoustic guitar. Our faculty are specialists in each discipline and are focused to enhance your talents and abilities. The foundation for playing any instrument is learning to interact with it, and draw the most out of its tone, dynamics and texture. At JMC learning the guitar begins with making students comfortable with their instrument, followed by basic techniques like picking, strumming and playing notes which are fundamental to be a performer. These lessons are moulded so as to strengthen the fundamentals and build a strong foundation in guitar playing. Basics such as holding the guitar, right and left hand positions are of utmost importance to tackle advanced lessons, various styles and to execute various techniques with feel and ease.

Students who opt the to learn Acoustic Guitar will be trained to play chords, progressions as well as scales and arpeggios which will help them employ a variety of colour in their playing , as a solo performer or with a band.

Classical Guitar students will learn how to play the finger style method with the grace and confidence of a concert musician. It requires an understanding of feel, emotion and atmosphere of the repertoire, in order to present a mesmerizing solo performance. Students will be taught repertoire from the various eras of Classical Music such as the Baroque, Romantic and Era, as well as that of famous musicianslike Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor and Franciso Tarrega.

Students who wish to learn the Electric Guitar will be trained to employ the various techniques needed for any Lead Guitarist such as Hammer-On, Pull Off, Sweep Picking and Tapping. Students will be trained on being a full on stage performer, and will also learn to apply the learned techniques in their playing. This playing when combined with the a knowledge of tone and effects brings a new dimension to any guitarist and his playing.