JAZZ Guitar

Jazz guitar studies for the discerning musician. It is often late in the journey of a musician that he comes across jazz and it is often portrayed as available only to people of greater experience. Jam music conservatory lowers the barrier to entry into the beautiful world of jazz by offering it’s one of a kind course in jazz guitar backed by the LCM certification. Students will be trained in everything necessary to enable them to play jazz from the onset. Both the skills and knowledge necessary for a jazz musician to progress in the real world is provided. Studies in performing arts and live performance avenues where the student will be required to improvise will also be available. Various other aspects such as arrangement, working with other musicians and learning to improvise will also be covered.

Jazz is primarily an experience of expression & spontaneity, makes you satisfied with your emotion & skill. This course will teach you all the necessary tools to take your jazz guitar into the gig and or to the studio. Let your passion speaks.