In the pursuit for an authentic and reliable higher Music education, and realizing the fact that such an institution, was yet to be found in Kerala; the thought of Jam Music Conservatory was conceived. From the past experiences and the outcomes gained through our various branches across South India; was the key in venturing into this Conservatory.

Jam Music Education from its inception days, have made invaluable contributions and maintained an excellent track record by contributing distinguished musicians who; as performers, national award holder, researchers and academicians today are outstanding in their respective fields. It was in 1999, that we got established at Kochi as an exclusive drum training facility and later on got developed with wide subjects and expansions across south India with a vision to be an excellent career development centre for aspiring musicians by providing contemporary music education. The true passion behind music education couldn’t stop us from being extraordinary and unique. Jam is always proud to have the privilege and honour in leading the community by taking all chances and risks in providing the best music education for the deserving ones.

We are on the journey and are well-known as a non-commercial institution by promoting individualized training across our centres. Provided with state-of-the-art facilities including acoustically treated classrooms, recording studio, performance theatre etc. Students are given the opportunity to have fun-oriented as well as career based education including master class, helping them to advance further with their passion and a stress free life ahead. Being the authorised centre for LCM - University of West London in Kerala, students are having wide options to choose including the higher level studies at the University in London.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Jam Music Conservatory, is determined to provide, customized training suited for students of different caliber and cadre, value added education without losing its sheen, and performance venue to exhibit and perform their own talents through a music driven ambience. We have a bunch of specialized faculty on music and audio engineering, offering contemporary study programs including electives to deliver a balanced approach in providing education, leading the multi-talented students by having career based foundation programs on audio engineering and music production. We are also in-association with Grammy Award engineer Mark Christensen’s Engine Room Audio, NewYork regarding the audio related programs.

Focusing on our students, presentations including clinics, demonstrations & workshops throughout the year is conducted by the experts as part of our programs, and also introduced to and familiarized with how a real time studio performance is conducted. Classes conducted resemble the appearance of a live studio; which in turn, makes a great impact, on how to approach music seriously.

Reiterating the idea, that an institution should be socially involved with the environment around itself; Students and staff members are encouraged to make their own contribution to a sustainable environment. They are encouraged to understand the aspirations of the society around them and there by volunteering to evolve measures maintaining cleanliness to support mother nature.

In brief, our motto is to uplift a new generation brought up with high moral standards, to respect and follow the patterns set forth by the elders, to have a concern for our rich tradition and culture, and also to make their own contributions through respective career.