The music is only as good as the musician they say but today when music is most often listened to live, the way the music is brought forth is of equal importance. A sound knowledge in audio engineering and sound production gives you the freedom to make your music the way you want to. Also, if you are someone looking for a full time career as a record producer or even someone who is looking to run a home studio on the side as a musician or if you are trying to get into the live sound and audio business, our tailor made audio engineering course is the right choice for you.

Taught by industry experts who are actively engaged in the field and the opportunity to work with top class studio and live audio equipment, learn the skills needed to make the music that the crowd listens to come alive with our Audio engineering course. Also, this will be an invaluable skill to learn to expand your portfolio as a musician and give you work when work is scarce. In the age when everyone is producing their own music, learn how to stand out from the crowd with studio primed professional skills. This course will also be available as a minor to be taken along with another course and internships with also be made available for the ones so inclined. Those who aren’t sure about this technical skill, can try the two months introductory programme prior to the yearly course. Make music come alive with the Audio engineering at Jam.