The keyboard is the instrument for the contemporary creative. Versatile and well equipped to handle almost any creative situation in audio, it is used by everyone from classical composers to DJs playing EDM. Having knowledge in the keyboard will also facilitate better understanding of theory and songwriting. The room for a keyboard player in a band is almost always available.

The versatility of the instrument lends it to be able to play a vital part in new and emerging fields such as Electronic and synthesized music performance and Electronic music production finding application in several areas as film scoring, sound effects work, synthesizer work using different sound textures and modelling. All of these and so many more areas in almost all avenues of music is driven up front or at least is supplimented by the keyboard.

Learn to be a well rounded musician who has the skills to not only produce good music but to also bring musicians together and make them sound better than the sum of their parts. The keyboard has it’s own place as well as a nice in every other form of music in one way or another. Skill in this powerful & contemporary instrument will open up to you several avenues to apply your musicianship in many different areas. Learn to work in any area of music and suppliment your skill set as a musician with our course in keyboard and later with supplimentary courses available for music production, audio engineering and creative live performance.