Nowadays, a musician needs to have a wide variety of skills at his disposal to be able to make it in the music business. When bands who always performed together and contracts with record labels are a thing of the past, to get your music out there you will need more than great skill on your instrument.

Great musicians make great music but the greatest of all music is made when they are brought together. Music production is at it’s core, doing whatever it takes to make a great sounding record. Courses in music production were never taught in the past, one had to apprenticize with senior recording engineers in the studio for years and learn the tricks of the trade on their own. But now, Jam music conservatory is bringing you a fully structured course that can be taken as a primary or a supplementary course along with any other courses the student might take from the conservatory. Our course will be a blend of theory, history, recording, engineering, technology & acoustics supplemented with live musical events and workshops by industry experts, studio tours and visits and clinic sessions with leading record producers from around the world. When the season is dull and you might go for months without a gig, other sources of revenue must be thought about, music production will surely serve you well then as well. Bring your musical ideas to life by learning from the best in an international standard setting. Jam welcomes you to begin your journey into the world of production