Learn classical piano the contemporary way. Here at Jam, all our courses are tailor made for each individual student to make them achieve their potential at the instrument regardless of their skill level or aspiration. You will learn real world skills that you can apply to your playing immediately. The course is structured to each individual class so that you will have more than enough material to work on and will be seeing visible progress after each session. Learn how to play in several different genres, learn how to play songs by ear, learn transposing, harmonic substitution, modal playing and much more to catapult your playing to a whole other level you didn’t think was possible.

We provide coaching for certification & diploma examinations while at the same time imparting valuable and practical skills. Our courses are flexible in design and scope where you will be able to choose where to go with your playing as you progress. Regular feedback and quality assurance programs make sure that you are getting the best class and the best experience possible. Be the musician you want to be. Jam music conservatory welcomes you to have your musical journey with the guidance of our experienced & expert faculty.