Woodwinds such as Soprano, Alto Saxophone & Clarinet taught here, are a family within the more general category of wind instruments. Skill with a woodwind instrument, one of the best source for you to express your passion and also an opportunity for musicians in this fast changing world at a chance for stability. Several opportunities around us for musicians skilled in woodwind are often missed out on by musicians. This almost cult like niche that these jobs are in are the ripe fruit for musicians with the necessary skill to capitalise on. The presence of this family of musical instruments is missed out especially in the state due to lack of awareness and unavailability of well qualified teaching staff to handle the instruction.

We aim to change that by offering best in class coaching, offering courses certified by recognized Universities abroad while at the same time providing individual and personalized training. Also, having a knowledge in woodwind and other orchestral instruments allows for a musician a role in an orchestra and along with it, chances to move around and work with world class musicians. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind opportunity with the course we have on woodwind, certified by the university of West London.