At Jam, you’ll find both western and Carnatic programs for Violin and students are given the opportunity to develop and progress through the levels of basics, intermediate and advanced, covering all the aspects of technique and repertoire by gaining confidence and giving them the opportunity to perform with our orchestra or ensemble. The concerts are conducted on a regular basis at our own theatre.

We provide specialised and professional faculty with individual attention to enhance your talent and to make you achieve your potential in the best way possible. We teach all ages of students, both children and adults from beginner to advanced level. For beginners, the course will be exposed and initially focuses on the fundamentals of learning instrument, covering the Violin bowing/fingering techniques and gradually all the relevant basics thereby making them eligible for the intermediate level. The lessons are tailor made both in western classical and in Carnatic helping you improve your understanding of theory, history, musicianship and real world skills in relation to your instrument.

The western violin course is a certified program offered by the LCM - University of West London. The program offers two introductory levels, grade levels, four performance diplomas and three teaching diplomas.